Shelter building and the waterproof test!

This is a basic survival skill. And one that you can easily do within your school grounds, even on the playground. You’ll learn about the things to include in your risk assessment, how to safely build shelters and more.

You’ll get hands on building your own shelter (and even test if it’s waterproof!), and learn how to introduce this activity to your pupils.

Key info

  • Group size: 1 to 12 teachers and/or teaching assistants
  • Length of session: 1.5 to 2 hours or longer if you have the time
  • Location details: at our Bridgend site or within your school grounds (Cardiff, Bridgend, RCT and Vale of Glamorgan areas)


From £95 for one instructor – cost depends on the length of your session.

We charge for our instructor’s time and resources, which makes it more cost-effective for you.

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