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Have a go at traditional bushcraft skills & release your inner caveman or cavewoman!

Have a go at different fire lighting techniques. There’s nothing more saOutdoor learning Wales sessions for schoolstisfying than the feeling of lighting your own fire without using matches or lighters. And we’ve lit quite a few in our time!

Forage materials from the forest floor to build natural shelters. Then just for fun, get inside to see if it’ll keep you and your team dry. (Yes, we do come prepared with watering cans in case the Welsh weather lets us down!)

Additional activities for adult groups and teens

We turn up the heat, if you can handle it?! Can you light your own fire and keep it going? Release your inner caveman or cavewoman on the bow drill – aka rubbing sticks together to make fire. Or race your mates to light our special Storm Kettles – who will be the first to boil their water & make a cuppa? It’s hugely satisfying to sit back & enjoy a cuppa you’ve made on your fire.

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Family bushcraft for age 5+


Additional bushcraft activities for school groups

We have lots of other outdoor activities in our back pocket to inspire young minds. From water purification, to scavenger hunts, mini parks, land art and much more!

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