bushcraft cardiff


Come and have a go at traditional bushcraft skills and discover your wild side!

Have a go at different fire lighting techniques used throughout the ages. From modern fire steels, to flint and steel, and the bow drill (aka rubbing two sticks together). There’s nothing more satisfying than the feeling of lighting your own fire without using matches or lighters. And we’ve lit quite a few in our time!

Forage materials from the forest floor to build natural Outdoor learning Wales sessions for schoolsshelters. Then just for fun, get inside to see if it’ll keep you and your team dry. (Yes, we do come prepared with watering cans in case the Welsh weather lets us down!)

We provide some snacks and refreshments with all of our packages. And if you’re still hungry, you can always take part in our Bushtucker Trials, if you dare! This is guaranteed to bring out screams and laughter! (note: this is optional and we never force anyone to take part)

Additional activities for adult groups

Try your hand at whittling and craft basic tools from wood with a knife whilst relaxing around the campfire.

Staying over lunch? We can cook up a campfire lunch, like a chilli and rice, and we can cater for most dietary requirements.

Additional activities for school groups

We have lots of other outdoor activities in our back pocket to inspire young minds. From water purification, to scavenger hunts, mini parks, land art and much more!

Check out our Schools section for more info about our School Trips, curriculum-related outdoor sessions, teacher CPD sessions + more!

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