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Welcome to our blog. The home of Bushcraft Adventures in Bridgend.

About our blog

We’ve started this blog so that we can share with you our latest news, bushcraft tips and product reviews. As well share as our general outdoor adventures. We want to inspire you to get outdoors and to learn some new skills.

Outdoor learning adventures in mythical lands

In December, I received a message from a teacher from Maes-yr-Haul Primary School. They wanted to run some outdoor learning sessions based on a “mythical lands” theme. Super excited, I quickly called her back to discuss ideas.

We talked through ideas for outdoor learning activities based on the theme. My brief was to deliver activities to 90 pupils split in to three groups over three days. It was refreshing to learn that the school were keen to get outdoors in February, when many others would be put off. I sent over all of my paperwork in advance – risk assessment, insurance, DBS info. And we agreed our supervision ratios and ETA.

Outdoor learning in mythical lands

I delivered these sessions last week. I was excited, so I got set up early and lit the fire, ready to meet 30 excited pupils off the coach.

outdoor learning south Wales

Pupils had to learn how they would survive if they ended up in a mythical land. So we learnt about different fire lighting methods and natural shelter building. And we talked through the rule of 3’s. That is – you can survive 3 minutes without air, 3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food.

I set them a challenge to make a bucket of dirty water “clean” enough for me to drink by lunch time. They succeeded, and I survived! And in the process, they learnt about water purification.

Heading home

Outdoor learning south Wales

To finish the day, we headed back to our Bushcraft Basecamp ready for our code breaker quiz to get the map to find the marshmallows. Marshmallows found and toasted! Then it was time for a quick toilet stop (always fascinating to the kids) then back to the bus. Returned to the bus were 30 stinky, dirty, smiling pupils – and teachers!

Looking for a school adventure?

If you’re looking for outdoor learning sessions, then drop us a line to plan your own school adventure!

Welcome to our new home (page)

We are excited to officially launch our new name, Bushcraft Adventures. And this website, which is our lovely new home.

Bushcraft Adventures – our new home

Bushcraft Adventures BridgendWe have listened to our customers’ feedback. We want to make it easy for you to know who we work with and what services we offer.

So we are bringing together all of our services under one roof with our new home – Bushcraft Adventures.

What happens at a typical teen bushcraft birthday party?

Our bushcraft events for teens go a few steps further than our parties for younger kids, so you to explore bushcraft more.

See if you can beat your ancestors by trying to light a fire old-style… without matches! From flint and steels to ancient tools such as charcloths and crampballs, your challenge is to create a flaming tinder bundle – something your parents definitely won’t let you try at home. If you can master this, we’ll even let you loose with the bow drill method (aka rubbing two sticks together!).

What happens at a teen bushcraft birthday party?

After a smokin’ campfire lunch it’s time to make yourself a shelter with any materials you can find in the forest. And you’d better hope it’s up to scratch, as we’ll be passing by with a large bucket of icy cold water to see if you’ve passed the test. Finally, prepare for our infamous Bushtucker Trials. But be warned, we reserve the biggest and juiciest ‘snacks’ for our teen guests and we don’t hold back!

Our combined archery and fire lighting party really ‘hits the mark’.

We get everyone fired up with an initial practice session before gathering round the campfire to warm up those fire lighting skills and to cook lunch. It’s then back to the shooting range for a bit of friendly competition to see who’s on target with our archery challenges and, to finish, we’ll celebrate everyone’s shooting successes with toasted marshmallows and tales around the campfire.

Meet the team – Steph Thompson

In this post, we want to introduce you to Steph Thompson. Steph runs Bushcraft Adventures with Rachel. Steph set up Bushcraft Adventures, and is the lead instructor.

About Steph Thompson

Steph grew up in Belfast. She came to study in Wales in 1996, and has stayed ever since. Most of her career has been in Third Sector organisations.

She set up Bushcraft Adventures in 2012 after she was made redundant. Whilst running a small business has its challenges, she loves the freedom of being her own boss. Keep reading to learn more about Steph.

Kit list for taking part in a bushcraft adventure

We’ve put together a handy kit list of things you’ll need for your bushcraft adventure.

We suggest checking the weather forecast before your event. We also recommend bringing extra kit as it can be hard to predict the Great British weather! Keep reading for kit list ideas of things you’ll need for your bushcraft adventure.

What’s it like at the Bushcraft Adventures Bridgend Bushcraft Basecamp?

Located close to Cardiff in South Wales, is our beautiful Bridgend Bushcraft Basecamp.

Here we have a tranquil, private woodland set up with everything we need for a Bushcraft Adventure. 

How to find our Bridgend Bushcraft Basecamp

We are located near Laleston, just outside of Bridgend. We send full and clear directions to our ‘top secret’ basecamp location upon booking.

What’s it like at a Bushcraft Adventures celebration event?

Step in to our lovely, private woodland near Bridgend. You’ll feel instantly relaxed and calm in our Bushcraft Basecamp, ready for your bushcraft adventure.

We’ll ease you back to nature gently, with a hot drink around the campfire in our roundhouse. Then it’s time to get stuck in!

What happens at a typical bushcraft birthday party for kids?

Forget ‘keep off of the grass’ and ‘stay out of the mud’! At a bushcraft birthday party, we want kids to be kids and get stuck in!

Our bushcraft birthday parties are stimulating, fun and unique. They get children into the great outdoors allowing them to learn new (or should that be old?) skills. And here’s the best bit for parents. Bushcraft birthday parties are educational. But shh, don’t tell the birthday boy or girl… they’ll be too busy having fun to notice!