Better Out Than In – outdoor learning workshop

We’re excited to bring to you our new, one-day outdoor learning workshop for teachers and teaching assistants.

Better out than in. How outdoor learning supports resilience and better learning – and how to do it! 

In this workshop, we’ll cover the theory, tools and practical activities that you need to provide outdoor learning opportunities for your pupils. As well as how to embed a philosophy for outdoor learning within your school.

In other words: come and learn about the science behind why outdoor learning works! And learn some great outdoor activities to use with your pupils and take learning outdoors.

This workshop is delivered by Stephanie Thompson (Founder of Bushcraft Adventures) in partnership with Dr Coral Harper (Founder of Better Out Than In)

What will I gain from this workshop?

  • An overview of the science behind why outdoor learning works – providing the justification you need to evidence the benefits of outdoor learning
  • An understanding of the effects the outdoors has on our physical and emotional health and well-being – for both children and adults
  • An understanding of how to use the outdoors to engage with children and young people to build resilience and enhance and reinforce learning
  • Practical tools and activities that you can utilise to provide outdoor learning opportunities for your pupils
  • A workshop booklet so that you can take notes and help make outdoor learning a whole school activity

Key details

  • Who it’s for: teachers, teaching assistants teacher CPDand anyone working with children
  • Where: Near Laleston, Bridgend
  • When: Thursday 5 July 2018
  • Time: 9.30am – 3.30pm (9.15am arrival)
  • Cost: introductory price of just £75 per person
  • Included: workshop booklet and refreshments.
  • What to bring: pens, a packed lunch, and suitable clothing and footwear
  • How to book: email or complete an online enquiry form. Just let us know if you’d like to pay by BACS transfer or send us your school’s details if you’d like us to raise an invoice.
  • Terms and conditions: our usual terms and conditions apply. Payment is required in advance; we can provide an invoice if you need one.

Workshop overview

We’ve divided the workshop in to four areas:

  • Why being outdoors supports learning
  • Relationships and regulation (and why we need both)
  • Dealing with challenge in the outdoors
  • Ideas share, questions, what next?

Our workshop will be a mix of theory in our outdoor classroom, and practical activities. You’ll learn from Dr. Coral Harper about the fascinating effects the outdoors has on our physical and emotional health. And how this can benefit pupils, particularly those who are harder to engage in the classroom.

Each area will be reinforced with practical activities, facilitated by Steph Thompson. Steph will introduce the activities and how you can use them with your pupils. Then you’ll get a chance to get hands-on and have a go.

About the facilitators

better our than in workshop Bridgend

Dr Coral Harper (Founder of Better Out Than In). Coral has worked in and studied in the field of Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties for the last 24 years as teacher and senior leader in mainstream, special and independent specialist provision and latterly as an adult trainer and consultant. You can read more in Coral’s biography.

Steph Thompson (Founder of Bushcraft Adventures) is an experienced, qualified Forest School and Beach School Leader and Bushcraft Instructor. She has 15 years experience of working with children and young people in various settings. Most recently running Bushcraft Adventures, inspiring children and adults to get outdoors. You can read more in Steph’s biography.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the workshop, Steph or Coral are happy to help. You can contact them on:

Steph: or 07716 462 983

make an online enquiry