What’s it like at a Bushcraft Adventures celebration event?

Step in to our lovely, private woodland near Bridgend. You’ll feel instantly relaxed and calm in our Bushcraft Basecamp, ready for your bushcraft adventure.

We’ll ease you back to nature gently, with a hot drink around the campfire in our roundhouse. Then it’s time to get stuck in!

Get ready for your bushcraft adventure

You can pick and mix the activities that interest you the most for your event. Our most popular activity is learning the art of fire lighting through the ages – no matches or lighters in sight. We have a whole range of methods to try and different tinder to light. We’ll use modern fire steels, have a go at using flint and steel, and also see if we can get a fire going with the bow drill (aka rubbing two sticks together) This is usually sparks a bit of friendly competition! We’ll use our ember to see if you can light a tinder bundle – this is the photo that everyone wants to leave with.

We’ll then head further into the woods for a shelter building competition. We’ll make natural shelters using only what we can find on the woodland floor . Then we’ll see if you can keep one of your team dry in our waterproof test (we come prepared with a bucket of water if the Welsh weather doesn’t test it for us!) If you choose archery, we’ll start by getting you warmed up on our woodland archery range. You’ll have an introduction to archery and some practice shots. Then we’ll mix it up a bit with some different shooting games and a bit of friendly competition to see who’s on target.

There’s no need to forage for food

We keep the kettle on the campfire so that you can help yourself to hot drinks. And we bring along snacks including crisps and fruit. If you choose to have a campfire lunch, we usually cook something hearty like a chilli, curry or stew. We can cater for most dietary requirements. And just so you know, we do have some facilities on site. We have a roundhouse with benches and a parachute roof for shelter. You can leave your bags in our small kitchen area. And we have compost toilets which are large enough as a changing area too if needed.

Rounding up the day

Other activities you can choose from include whittling, the traditional skill of crafting tools from wood with a knife. Whittling is relaxing and surprisingly addictive; it’s great for sitting round the campfire chatting to your mates or colleagues. It’s a good mindfulness activity too. You could make beautiful feather sticks for fire lighting, tent pegs, a spatula or a throwing arrow . And of course, you can take it home as a souvenir if you wish.

For the brave bushcrafters, you’ll be invited to take part in our bushtucker trials – if you dare! This is an optional activity, and we never force anyone to take part. We’ve got lots of tempting drinks and ‘snacks’ for our guests. This activity is guaranteed to bring out screams and laughter!

We usually finish our events with a hot drink around the campfire, with a chance to exchange tales of your bushcraft adventure.

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