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Can we bring snacks to a children’s birthday party?

Parents often ask us if they can bring snacks to a children’s birthday party. So we’ve put this post together to help answer your queries.

Can we bring snacks to a children’s birthday party?

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Of course! Due to covid-19 it’s important to avoid sharing of food and utensils. We advise parents making a booking with us to ask other parents to send their child with snacks or a small packed lunch and a bottled drink. If you want to stop for a snack break, this can be factored in to the two hour party. So kids can refuel and get going again!

We will of course still be providing marshmallows to toast on the campfire!

Can the party organiser provide party snacks?

If you’d prefer you can bring snacks for your child’s party rather than asking other parents to provide them. Current Welsh Government guidance allows picnics (info below correct when this page was last updated on 13th August 2020):

Are picnics and barbecues with people outside my extended household allowed?
Yes, if you remain outside. You should maintain physical distancing and should not share or use the same items as people outside your extended household, for example plates, cups and food packages. Any item that is passed between people in different extended households will increase the risk of the spread of the virus.”
For the latest information, visit the Welsh Government’s website.

We’ve put together some tips for you below:

  • Everyone to follow good hand hygeine
  • Avoid sharing of food – eg individual packets of crisps rather than sharing bags, food in sealed packaging where possible
  • If handing out food (eg sandwiches) parents to do this (after a hand wash)

In our experience, for a two hour party you only need a few snacks. As kids are focused on the activities and just need to refuel to carry on! It also avoids food waste.

Please remember to pack a rubbish bag as we ask that you take all rubbish home with you, thank you.

Let them eat cake!

No party is complete without a birthday cake! You’re very welcome to bring a birthday cake along with you (don’t forget a knife, candles and matches!) You’ll just need to follow the same guidance above, we suggest bringing some napkins to make it easier to hand out slices of cake.

And if you’re looking for a local cake maker, take a look at RB Cakes. Delicious (yes, we have taste tested them!), homemade cakes by student Rachel Blunt. We can even take delivery of your cake for you and bring it to your party (we promise not to eat a slice!)

All parents need to complete a parental consent form

All children coming to a party need to have a completed consent form, which we ask for in advance. On the form we ask about dietary requirements as we provide marshmallows. This is so that we’re aware if anyone needs us to provide vegan marshmallows (which are gelatin, dairy, egg, gluten and nut free)

Drop us a line

We’re very friendly here at Bushcraft Adventures so if you’ve booked a party, you’re thinking of booking one or your child has been invited to a party and you have any questions, please do get in touch!

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