team building south Wales

Team Macmillan’s team building Bushcraft Adventure

We recently hosted a team building event for some staff from Macmillan Cancer Support. Keep reading to see how the team got on with our team challenges, and if they survived & thrived!

The team were using Myers Briggs to learn more about each other, their preferences and communication style. We worked with their L&D colleague to plan the afternoon session to build on their morning Myers Briggs session, which worked really well (look out for our next blog about this!)

team building south Wales

We were made aware beforehand that some of the group were feeling a bit anxious about the event and what was involved or what they might be “made” to do. Of course, we want everyone to have fun and look forward to our events! So we dropped the team a line beforehand to put them at ease with some info about the activities they’d be doing. And at the start of the event, made it clear that all of the activities were optional and we’d never force anyone to do anything they didn’t want to do.

Campfire lunch and a chance to speak to colleagues

This led nicely in to some chill out time around the team building south Walescampfire, familiarising with their new surroundings. Plus the chance to get to know each other, and enjoy a campfire lunch. As requested, we provided hot dogs for the group. We also brought pitta breads to toast on the fire, carrot & cucumber sticks, hummous and dips, crisps, fruit and more. Plus, we knew of Macmilan’s love of cake, so we ordered some delicious cupcakes from Karen at Cakes Simply – which went down a treat!

Team challenges

team building south Wales

After a generous lunch, we got the group moving with our shelter building challenge. Split in to three groups, they had to build a natural shelter. And then the true test of team confidence, as one member had to get in at the end so we could test if it was waterproof. Pleased to say – they all passed!

Steph then introduced her favourite activity – fire lighting. She team day south Walestook the group through various fire lighting methods, and the group had some time to just have some fun and have a go individually. Some liked using Vaseline on cotton wool, and a couple of people had success with the bow drill. Of course, we then needed a challenge so out came the Storm Kettles. Divided in to pairs, they raced to see who could light their kettle first and be the first to make a cuppa. Tea was the motivation – along with trying to beat colleagues!

Aiming for gold (& apples!)

team building south Wales

For the team’s final activity, we had a go at woodland archery and a bit of friendly competition between the staff and managers. There was lots of laughter and sharp shooting, including one person who managed to hit the apple for an extra 50 points!

Solving puzzles = team prizes

team building south Wales

To round off the day, the teams successfully solved our woodland puzzles – to secure the prize of marshmallows and biscuits. So we gathered round the campfire to toast marshmallows to make s’mores and finish off the event.

They were a fab team who worked really well together, taking on our activities and challenges. Most importantly, the afternoon session nicely reinforced the team’s morning Myers Briggs session, and the team learnt about each other.

And for those who had initial reservations, they overcame those too. This is reflected in our recent 5 star TripAdvisor reviews by some of the group, which we’re delighted with!

Looking for an Adventure for your team?

If you and your team are looking for an alternative team event, explore our range of options for teams. Or simply drop us a line to find out more!


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