Filming for S4C's Jonathan Show

When the cast of S4C’s Jonathan Show took on our team challenge…

We were excited to welcome the cast of S4C’s Jonathan Show to our Bushcraft Basecamp recently, for a bit of fun taking on our team challenges.

Filming for S4C's Jonathan Show

We met the film crew for the Jonathan Show early in the woods to get set up. And it was a good opportunity to grab some shots of us demonstrating the activities – and to calm our nerves before filming with the cast! The crew were very friendly and there was some good banter, which put us at ease.

And before we knew it, Jonathan Davies and Sarra Elgan arrived. Unfortunately, Nigel Owens was unwell and couldn’t join us. At least, that was his story! After a quick briefing, we got Jonathan and Sarra started.

Jonathan vs Sarra

The first challenge we set them was fire lighting. Pitted against each other, they had to light a crampball (fungus) to start their fire, and then boil some water. The winner was the first to boil their water and make us a cuppa. No spoiler alerts about who was first. But I can confirm that Sarra makes a better cup of tea!

Then they had a go at building natural shelters (with Jonathan Show team challengea little help from me and Steph) and got in to test if they were waterproof. And they took on our bushtucker trials – an activity usually reserved for birthday parties and hen parties. Maybe they were hungry? Or not, you’ll have to wait to watch the programme to see how they got on.

Whilst with us, Jonathan and Sarra also had a go at archery. We devised some individual challenges for them, including shooting balloons.

To finish, we gathered round the campfire to toast marshmallows and to announce the winner. But you’ll have to wait until the Jonathan Show is aired – around February 2019 – to find out who won!

Have a go at our team challenges

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