What happens at a typical teen bushcraft birthday party?

Our bushcraft events for teens go a few steps further than our parties for younger kids, so you to explore bushcraft more.

See if you can beat your ancestors by trying to light a fire old-style… without matches! From flint and steels to ancient tools such as charcloths and crampballs, your challenge is to create a flaming tinder bundle – something your parents definitely won’t let you try at home. If you can master this, we’ll even let you loose with the bow drill method (aka rubbing two sticks together!)

What happens at a teen bushcraft birthday party?

After a smokin’ campfire lunch it’s time to make yourself a shelter with any materials you can find in the forest. And you’d better hope it’s up to scratch, as we’ll be passing by with a large bucket of icy cold water to see if you’ve passed the test. Finally, prepare for our infamous Bushtucker Trials. But be warned, we reserve the biggest and juiciest ‘snacks’ for our teen guests and we don’t hold back!

Our combined archery and fire lighting party really ‘hits the mark’.

We get everyone fired up with an initial practice session before gathering round the campfire to warm up those fire lighting skills and to cook lunch. It’s then back to the shooting range for a bit of friendly competition to see who’s on target with our archery challenges and, to finish, we’ll celebrate everyone’s shooting successes with toasted marshmallows and tales around the campfire.

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