forest views relieves stress - stress awareness month

Views of trees through office windows can help lower employee stress

We know that the outdoors is good for us. But research shows that even looking at trees and nature has health benefits.

What the research shows

A study in Seoul looked at workers who could see forest views from their workplace, and those who did not have a forest view.

“The results showed a significant direct effect of forest views from windows on job satisfaction and stress. Respondents’ personal information such as gender, age and job category did not influence on the window view effects. As expected, employees’ job satisfaction and job stress were highly and negatively correlated.”

What can we learn from this?

views of trees relieves stress - stress awareness month

We’re sure that it’s no surprise to learn that the outdoors, and trees in particular, are good for us. It is interesting to learn that just looking at trees can be good for us, and can help lower stress.

Of course, it’s not possible that all offices will have views of forests or that every employee can have a desk or work-space by a window. But there are things that we can take from this. Just viewing nature, like a tree-lined street, has benefits. How can you make the most of the views that you have from your work place?

And with the growing trend towards “hot desking” and working remotely, this provides additional opportunities. Staff can rotate between work-spaces that are by windows. Remote workers can choose a countryside location to work from, and enjoy the views as well as the free wifi.

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