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Ten funny things kids ask me at bushcraft birthday parties

Whilst running children’s bushcraft birthday parties, kids often ask me funny questions. From “do you live here?” to “do you know Bear Grylls?”. In this blog post, I’ve shared my top 10 funny questions I’ve been asked.

Top 10 questions

Here’s my top 10 funny questions kids ask me at bushcraft birthday parties. And some of my replies!

  1. Do you live here? (in the woods) The kids seem almost disappointed when I explain that I live in a house, just like they do!
  2. Is that an electric fire? Umm, where’s the electricity? (I ask them)
  3. How did you get that car in here? It’s my car. I drove it in!
  4. Were you in the army? No. I just love working outdoors. And lighting fires! I also have a good reputation with parents for being fun but firm (more fun than firm though!)
  5. Did you build this? (the roundhouse) Yes I did, with my mate Sasha (I say proudly)
  6. Did you not do very well at school? Is that why you are in the woods? I tell the kids that I did do well at school and even have a post grad, and that I own Bushcraft Adventures. Without getting too serious, I think it’s important for role modelling, especially for young girls at the party.
  7. Did you light that fire? Of course!
  8. How did you light that fire? Using a fire steel, like we’re about to do!
  9. Do you know Bear Grylls? No. I like to highlight that I’m more a fan of Ray Mears, or Megan Hine who does Bear Grylls’ prep.
  10. Are there bears in the woods? Depending on the banter with the group, sometimes I say “yes!” But of course, no, there’s not. But we do have deer.

Ask me a question!

Do you have a question that’s not on this list? Ask me in the comments below. Or book an event and come and ask me face to face!


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