Dr Coral Harper biography

Dr Coral Harper has worked in and studied the field of Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties for the last 24 years. This has been a teacher and senior leader in mainstream, special and independent specialist provision. And latterly as an adult trainer and consultant.

About Coral Harper

Coral Harper

Coral is passionate about supporting children and young people to be the best they can be. She has a particular interest and expertise in rebuilding attachments and enhancing emotional health and well-being. She does this through connection with animals and nature, specifically for those children who struggle to engage in learning.

Better Out Than In

‘Better Out Than In’ (www.boti.org.uk) is Coral’s Better Out Than In workshopbusiness, which has grown from teaching experience outdoors combined with years of research in the field of children, animals and nature. And a passion and a commitment for a philosophy which promotes good education, health, sound mental well being and enjoyment. Coral likes to call it the promotion of ‘A Biophilic Philosophy for Education’.

Working in partnership

Coral now spends much of her time as a freelance consultant and trainer. She has teamed up with us at Bushcraft Adventures to develop an exciting new workshop for teachers. Our workshop is aimed at supporting professionals to understand and embed a philosophy for outdoor learning. And participants can expect to learn from both Coral and Steph’s expertise in this field.


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