Bushcraft and banter

Arrival of the cowgirls

I met the group as they pulled up to our site in their minibus. And was greeted by a group of 15 cowgirls all in fancy dress. I knew instantly that we were in a for a fun session!

The group collected their things from the minibus, and made their way down to our Bushcraft Basecamp.

Birthday banter

The Bushcraft Adventure was a surprise for the three birthday girls, all celebrating 40th or 50th birthdays. And from the start, there was a lot of banter! We were happy to join in, telling the birthday girls that they had two hours to learn basic survival skills from us. And that they’d then be sleeping in their shelters overnight and a local farmer was going to deliver pigeons later for them to cook for dinner. Whilst this sounds perfect to us, the birthday girls didn’t seem too keen – much to the amusement of the rest of the group!

Cowgirls got competitive

Then we got stuck in and had a go at different fire lighting methods, and got competitive over archery. The birthday girls took on our birthday bushtucker trials – and ate their way through all of our tasty treats!

We kept the kettle on the campfire throughout, and had plenty of snacks available to fuel the cowgirls for our activities. After a quick go at throwing arrows to bring the event to a close, the group brought out three inflatable horse outfits for the birthday girls (see the photos!) Who then galloped off back to the minibus, ready for the rest of their weekend of birthday adventures!

For the whole two hours, our woodland was filled with screams and laughter – what a great group!

Have a laugh with your mates

Are you looking for a unique way to celebrate a milestone birthday? Or are you looking for a fun day out with your mates? Have a great laugh with your mates in the great outdoors with a Bushcraft Adventure!



  1. Hi Rachel & Steph!!!
    Thank you so much for looking after us during our Bushcraft adventure!! You packed so much fun in to 2 hours & guided our excited bunch so well!! Everyone said they’d had a fantastic time. Highly recommended for a group of people wishing to experience a little bit of the outdoors but in a fun & enjoyable set up.
    We will be recommending your event to everyone!!
    Best wishes,
    Sheriff Cath & all the Cowgirls 😁😁

  2. Thank you both, we had a fantastic time, lots of laughter and team bonding. We certainly be recommending this great activity to family and friends! We will also be returning with the children, they will love it!
    Thank you again for a fab time x

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