Outdoor learning for Misty Mountain topic with Coety Primary School

Today we welcomed pupils from Coety Primary School, to learn about survival skills for their Misty Mountain topic. We even ordered the mist! 😉

60 excited Year 4 pupils joined us in our beautiful, private woodland in Bridgend.

They had a go at different fire lighting methods, built shelters and tested if they were waterproof (they were!) And they went on a scavenger, foraging walk to learn about the different uses of plants. And all linked to their topic of survival on Misty Mountain.

It was fantastic to see in practice how classroom based learning and outdoor learning reinforce and complement each other. Pupils left enthused and even more excited than when they started!

We left enthused and excited too after a great day with a great group, with our last school trip of 2019!

Looking to take learning outdoors in 2020? Drop us a line to start planning your School Adventure with us…

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