young Bear Grylls gift ideas

Gift ideas for young bushcrafters and Bear Grylls fans

We’ve put together a few ideas for those looking for present inspiration and gift ideas for young bushcrafters and Bear Grylls fans.

Gift ideas for young bushcrafters

  1. Fire steel – a fire steel is an absolute must in a bushcrafter’s kit bag. It’ll give you great sparks even if it gets wet. I have always found the Light My Fire fire steel to be easy to use (especially for younger children), ergonomic, durable and reasonably priced too.
  2. Bushcraft book – nothing beats practical Gift ideas for young bushcraftersexperience, getting out there and giving it a go, but a good book as an introduction to bushcraft provides a really useful starting point. Try ‘Bushcraft: a family guide’ for inspiration to get out and explore together as a family.
  3. Den building kit – for younger children you can buy a ‘mega den kit’ which has everything you need to make a den. For older children and teens, a DD tarp is great for those who want to create an outdoor shelter, either during the day or to sleep under for an overnight adventure. Various options available, check out DD hammocks.
  4. Paracord kit – paracord is a handy, under estimated piece of kit for a bushcrafter, and with a paracord kit you can have a bit of fun making emergency bands/bracelets.
  5. A knife – a knife is an essential piece of kit for a bushcrafter, but we understand you may have reservations in buying your child a knife. Check out this article by Mora ‘woodcarving with children: a safe adventure’ for advice and choosing a knife.

We hope you find this a useful starting point for some gift inspiration – happy shopping!

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