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Pupils celebrate surviving to the end of term!

Today I welcomed pupils from Tai Education Centre in RCT to our Bridgend Bushcraft Basecamp.

The pupils had focused on a survival topic this term in school. So to finish the topic and celebrate the end of term, pupils got to put in to practice the survival skills they’d learnt in the classroom.

Putting classroom survival topic skills in to practice

On arrival pupils had a drink and snack. And they made wood cookie name tags, which they loveSurvival topic schoolsd! And then we got started.

The group told me all about what they’d been learning as part of their survival topic in school. And I was impressed that they knew about the rule of 3’s and different ways to start a fire. So it was time to put their skills to the test!

We had a go at different fire lighting methods. We tried flint and steel, solar and modern fire steels. The bow drill proved a a bit too difficult for most of the group, especially in the heat. But one pupil kept going with me and we managed to get our flaming tinder bundle – good work!

Fuel for survivalSurvival topic schools

The teachers brought along food for a tasty BBQ lunch for the group. So the group were ready and refreshed to then have a go at shelter building. We divided in to three groups and they all survived the waterproof test!

The kids were strangely keen to eat bugs and take on our Bushtucker Trials! Which they then washed down with drinks and toasted marshmallows – always a winner!

Heading home

Then before we knew it, it was time to head back to school. I heard comments from pupils and teachers that it was “amazing” and “fantastic”, and that they want to come back for more adventures! This was my favourite comment from one pupil:

This has been the best day of my life and I’ll remember it forever!

Looking for a School Adventure?

If your class have a survival topic or other theme you’d like to focus on, do drop us a line. And do also explore our range of School Adventures in South Wales.

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