Outdoor learning adventures in mythical lands

In December, I received a message from a teacher from Maes-yr-Haul Primary School. They wanted to run some outdoor learning sessions based on a “mythical lands” theme. Super excited, I quickly called her back to discuss ideas.

We talked through ideas for outdoor learning activities based on the theme. My brief was to deliver activities to 90 pupils split in to three groups over three days. It was refreshing to learn that the school were keen to get outdoors in February, when many others would be put off. I sent over all of my paperwork in advance – risk assessment, insurance, DBS info. And we agreed our supervision ratios and ETA.

Outdoor learning in mythical lands

I delivered these sessions last week. I was excited, so I got set up early and lit the fire, ready to meet 30 excited pupils off the coach.

outdoor learning south Wales

Pupils had to learn how they would survive if they ended up in a mythical land. So we learnt about different fire lighting methods and natural shelter building. And we talked through the rule of 3’s. That is – you can survive 3 minutes without air, 3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food.

I set them a challenge to make a bucket of dirty water “clean” enough for me to drink by lunch time. They succeeded, and I survived! And in the process, they learnt about water purification.

Heading home

Outdoor learning south Wales

To finish the day, we headed back to our Bushcraft Basecamp ready for our code breaker quiz to get the map to find the marshmallows. Marshmallows found and toasted! Then it was time for a quick toilet stop (always fascinating to the kids) then back to the bus. Returned to the bus were 30 stinky, dirty, smiling pupils – and teachers!

Looking for a school adventure?

If you’re looking for outdoor learning sessions, then drop us a line to plan your own school adventure!

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  1. Totally agree… 90 smelly children but all smiling with a great learning experience. #nosuchthingasbadweatherjustunsuitableclothing
    Thanks for 3 great days Steph.

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