Pupils make outdoor discoveries in Bridgend

This week we welcomed Year 3 pupils from Maes Yr Haul Primary School in Bridgend, who came to us for a unique school adventure.

Discovery theme

Pupils were learning about discoveries and explorers in school; which fitted perfectly with coming to us for an outdoor school adventure and to learn about survival skills. We did our research in to Welsh inventions and female explorers and adventurers, to add to our introduction to the day. Then pupils got stuck in!

Pupils had to think about what we’d need to survive on an adventure if things didn’t quite go to plan.

Surviving on an adventure

We introduced the book Kensuke’s Kingdom, where Michael became an adventurer and had to learn how to survive. Pupils built mini parks as a creative way to use their imagination to think about what Michael needed to survive. As you can see from the photos, they built him a shelter to keep him warm and dry. Used moss for a bed so that he was comfortable. And built him a campfire to stay warm and cook food.

Pupils then got hands-on learning about fire lighting and shelter building. And to finish, we put their map reading skills to the test to find ‘hidden treasure’ in the woods. Treasure (marshmallows!) discovered, we ended the day toasting marshmallows over the campfire.

Best school trip ever!

Pupils said they felt far away even though they were quite close to school and home; and the whole day was an adventure. From the bus trip down to our site, the fascination with the eco-toilets, to eating lunch outside sat by the campfire.

We heard calls of “epic”, “awesome” and “best school trip ever!”. They were having too much fun to notice it was educational too (shhh, don’t tell them!)

Looking for a school adventure?

We run curriculum-related or themed outdoor learning sessions; and alternative, fun school trips. If you’re looking for a school adventure in South Wales, drop us a line to find out more.

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