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Understanding the fire triangle

The three key elements or ingredients needed to start a fire are heat, fuel and oxygen. This is known as the fire triangle.

Why is the fire triangle important to fire lighting?

You need all three elements of the fire triangle to come together in the right amounts and in the right way; in a chemical chain reaction that will start a fire.

Heat: you need a heat source to start a fire and to keep it going.
Fuel: you need something that will burn to fuel your fire.
Things to consider: fuel needs to be dry, you’ll need to think about size and thickness, and how you arrange it.
Oxygen: fire needs oxygen to burn. When fuel burns it reacts with oxygen and this chemical reaction produces fire.

Understanding this basic concept of the fire triangle will help you to successfully light a fire and keep it going.

Look out for our future blogs where we’ll be exploring fire lighting in more detail.

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